Unchecked freedom brings out the absolute worst in humanity

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It’s sickening how many people claim tolerating their selfish, ignorant, and oppressive behavior is “necessary” in order to live in a “free” society.

If “freedom” means owning slaves, sex trafficking minors, or slaughtering children in mass shootings then I want nothing to do with freedom.

As much as the United States tosses around the concept of freedom, there’s not a lot of philosophical nuance to the discussion. For example, if you make murder illegal, that represents an infringement on individual freedom. You’ve taken away the freedom to murder.

The freedom to kill, freedom to enslave, freedom to oppress had no…

We should teach schoolchildren the philosophical argument for separating church and state

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Americans have never met a resource they don’t wish to immediately exploit. Entrepreneurs will look at a forest that has stood for 10,000 years and be dazzled by the thought of the profits to be gained by selling the noble wood in the form of toothpicks.

Of all things, religion is among the most susceptible to exploitation since the fundamental tenants are frequently designed to establish and maintain a hierarchy of authority and obedience. There are problems with this ideology even when it’s used responsibly, but when mishandled it can be especially destructive.

Conservatives start frothing at the mouth at…

The Reckless Writer

Sometimes living up to expectations is a poor creative choice

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Back in high school, I inadvertently created a hostile situation in art class. Every Friday, our teacher would set up a still life for us to sketch. He’d arrange some items on a display in the front of the room and our job was to recreate it as accurately as possible.

After years of doing this, I started to get bored. One day, as I was sketching out some old metal pots, I decided to add mouths on the rims and cartoon eyes on the lid. …

You have a right to a relationship that’s always good

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“Why are you so focused on the negative? Why can’t you give me any credit for the good times?”

This line is a common refrain from abusive people. It’s part of their constant philosophy of deflection. They don’t want to examine their own behavior. They don’t want to admit any mistakes. They just want you to be quiet and comply with their demands.

One of the biggest implied lies of abusers is that the bad moments are necessary. They seem to perceive the hard times as the unfortunate but unavoidable sacrifice you have to make before earning your reward.


Hysterical conservatives are hard at work to kill us all

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Sometimes I find it difficult to keep up with all the stunning Republican hypocrisy. The latest manufactured crisis that they’re using to incite their ignorant and outraged base is the “threat” of vaccine requirements.

Oh, it matters nothing to them that their objections to vaccines are completely baseless.

It matters nothing to them that refusing vaccines gets people killed.

It matters nothing to them that vaccine requirements have already been implemented in our society in a number of areas.

The subject of vaccines is one of the perfect nexus points where all the conservative propaganda comes together in a singularity…

Republicans are taking a break from obstructing the vote in order to try and murder us with misinformation

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In the history of politics, nobody has ever demonstrated the ability to self-own like modern conservatives. Everything they say and do is an indictment of their own behavior, but they’re so stupid they don’t even recognize how much dumber they look every time they open their big mouths.

It’s not all that long ago that the United States was racing to find a vaccine for the Coronavirus.

Remember that?

The effort was bungled, of course, because it was happening under the incompetent Trump administration. Nevertheless, it happened and the first vaccines were available before Biden was ever sworn in.


We have it within our power to outlaw racism, that we refuse to do so condemns us

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Racists will never look you in the eye and admit that they are racists. They are too cowardly and dishonest to do that. Instead, they look you in the eye and insist that their only purpose is to defend your constitutional rights.

They want you to believe that our freedom depends on our whole society having to endure racism.

“If you want to have freedom of speech, you have to defend a person’s right to say something you don’t like.”

But the thing is, racists don’t do that. When somebody says something racists don’t like, they go on the attack…

They’re armed, angry, and ignorant

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I’ve lost patience for listening to Republican braggarts describe the circumstances under which they’d be willing to murder a human being.

This isn’t an uncommon occurrence. It’s the foundation of their platform and they speak it loud and proud.

“I won’t endure tyranny,” they say, even though the word has at least two more syllables than anything they can comprehend.

They’re proud of their ignorance. They despise educators and anyone who sits down to study or read in the pursuit of self-betterment.

Meanwhile, President Biden continues to hold out hope that there is a chance of reasoning with the group…

Another day, another attack on Critical Race Theory

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I was student teaching back in 2011 when Republican governor Scott Walker set his sights on attacking state unions in order to obliterate their political power.

Walker, a freshly sworn in Republican, formally introduced the plan on Feb. 11, 2011, describing it as a “modest” change aimed at shoring up the state budget. But the bill he introduced went well beyond financial concessions. It effectively eliminated long-held bargaining rights for a wide range of state and local government employees, from teachers to clerical workers to prison guards.

Two days after Walker spoke, dozens of teachers from around the state gathered…

Walter Rhein

Small press writer with Perseid Press, Burning Bulb Publishing, and Harren Press. I have a web page about Peru at www.StreetsOfLima.com. walterrhein@gmail.com

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